Attention Coffee Lovers: How to Minimize Staining from Your Morning Joe While in Braces

Check Out These Easy Steps You Can Take to Prevent Coffee from Staining Your Teeth!

Do you love coffee, but worry about your beloved morning habit staining your teeth while in braces? As most patients know, whitening kits are a no-go while in braces, but thankfully there are a few ways to minimize the staining that can come from coffee.

  1. Drink your coffee through a straw. While most people save straws for cold drinks, straws serve as an excellent tool to minimize coffee’s contact with teeth. Less contact with your teeth = less staining. Pretty simple, right? Many coffee stirrers can work as straws and are made to resist high temperatures. Consider ordering some from your favorite office retailer to keep around the house until your braces come off.
  2. Drink water or rinse with water immediately after drinking coffee. When you drink coffee and do nothing, the coffee is allowed to sit on the surface of your teeth, and the longer the contact, the more likely you are to develop stains. Water will help to rinse away the lingering coffee and lessen the risk of staining.
  3. Brush your teeth afterwards. Do you make a habit of drinking coffee after you complete your morning oral hygiene routine? Consider switching it up and brush your teeth right before you head out the door. Not only will brushing your teeth immediately after your morning coffee help to minimize staining, it will eliminate the dreaded coffee breath too.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly. Dental cleanings help polish unsightly coffee staining away. To ensure you do not forget about scheduling your cleanings, try scheduling your next visit after each dental cleaning to stay on schedule, and check with your dentist to see if they offer text, email or phone call reminders so you do not miss an appointment.

See? You can still enjoy coffee while in braces without worrying too much about staining if you continue using an excellent oral hygiene routine and following the steps above. So, feel free to lounge with that latte or grab that macchiato to go!

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