What is Phase I Orthodontic Treatment?

What it is, and why your dentist might say your child needs to be evaluated.

While at your child’s last dental cleaning, your dentist might have suggested you take your child to an orthodontist for an exam to evaluate for Phase I. This might leave you with some questions such as: What is Phase I? Isn’t my child too young for braces?

To answer the question of what Phase I is, Phase I is an initial stage of orthodontics for younger children who are still dentally developing. Phase I’s primary purpose is to correct crowding and to create room for adult teeth to emerge both properly and in a more ideal position.

After your dentist makes the recommendation, you can schedule an exam at an orthodontist’s office. Once there, the doctor will take specialized x-rays, diagnostic photos and conduct an examination of your child to determine whether Phase I treatment is necessary. The doctor will either make the recommendation to begin treatment, or they might decide to schedule periodic visits to monitor your child’s development.

Do you have questions about Phase I treatment, or are you looking to schedule an exam for your child? We would love to help. Call our Fishers office at 317-570-0011 or our Indianapolis office at 317-849-0110.

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