We Love the Damon System! Here’s Why…

All about the Damon System. What it is, and why you should care about the bracket system your orthodontist uses.

At Walker Dixon Orthodontics, we have used the Damon bracket system for our braces for almost 10 years with amazing results. Many patients, upon arrival to our office, do not even realize that there are different bracket systems that can be used for orthodontic treatment, and are surprised when we show them the difference between traditional braces and Damon braces.

Unlike traditional braces which use either wire ties or colored rubber bands to hold the wire, Damon braces have brackets which feature small doors that can be opened and closed for wire placement and removal. This reduces the friction experienced with traditional braces, and provides lighter forces and freer tooth movement on the wire. Arch width is developed naturally by these forces, which eliminates the need for those uncomfortable expanders. Differences such as these mean less pain and a quicker treatment time for our patients.

Patients with Damon braces also are seen every month and a half to two months on average, versus monthly appointments usually needed for traditional braces, which means patients miss less school and work.

Damon brackets are also smaller than traditional brackets which makes maintaining great oral hygiene much easier. The brackets come in standard metal coloring and also clear, for those who prefer a more subtle orthodontic experience. While colored bands are not needed with Damon braces, they are still available to our patients who want to express themselves with a little splash of color.

We, at Walker Dixon Orthodontics, are very enthusiastic about the Damon system and the great results it offers our patients. For more information about Damon Braces, you can visit our website at www.walkerdixonortho.com, or you can call our Fishers office at 317-570-0011 or 317-849-0110 for our Indianapolis office.

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